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Air Force Awards Adranos, Inc. Phase II SBIR Contract at Space Pitch Day

  • Adranos awarded $750,000 to develop its high-performance solid rocket propellant

  • Adranos’s novel propellant offers the most significant performance increase since the 1950’s

San Francisco, CA – Officials from Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center awarded Adranos, Inc. $750,000 at Space Pitch Day to advance its high-performance solid rocket propellant called ALITEC. Adranos will use the funds to scale up ALITEC and demonstrate its performance gains versus traditional formulations in a Department of Defense missile system.

Space Pitch Day was organized by top Air Force officials to radically increase the speed of government technology adoption. Dr. Will Roper and Lt. Gen. Thompson of SMC heralded the event as a turning point in the government acquisition culture.

ALITEC provides numerous benefits that can advance the goals of SMC and the Air Force. ALITEC improves rocket performance over traditional propellant by specific impulse or Isp, the metric used to measure rocket performance. This enhanced performance can be used by engineers to give more range, more speed, more payload capacity, or space savings to missile and aerospace systems.

Additionally, ALITEC propellant burns cleaner and more efficiently. It eliminates hydrochloric acid from the exhaust plume. Hydrochloric acid is corrosive, a danger to the environment, and poses a health hazard.

Traditional solid rocket propellants also eject hot molten droplets of aluminum called slag. Slag is essentially wasted fuel that reduces combustion efficiencies and erodes the rocket nozzle. It prevents solid rocket motors from being used in-space and on-orbit because the slag becomes co-orbiting debris that can endanger satellites. ALITEC’s unique formulation reduces slag, boosting efficiency and opening up more applications for solid rocket motors.

With this contract, Adranos will continue to mature its technology and show the performance gains on larger scales in an effort to fully qualify ALITEC for use in Department of Defense systems.

About Adranos, Inc.

Founded in 2015 by Brandon Terry and Chris Stoker, Adranos is commercializing ALITEC, a proprietary Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant (APCP). ALITEC delivers higher performance and cleaner emissions than traditional APCP propellants and offers the most significant innovation in solid propellant technology since the 1950s.


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