About Adranos

Adranos at a Glance.

Boosting Solid Rocket Performance

Founded in 2015, our company manufactures solid rocket fuel and rocket motors to solve critical challenges in national security and commercial spaceflight. Our motors are designed to increase the range, speed, and payload capacity of military and space launch systems. 

With our proprietary solid rocket fuel called ALITEC, our rocket motors can substantially increase the range, speed, and payload capacity of military and space launch systems. 

We are outfitted to produce thousands of rocket motors per year. We operate a 450-acre, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in coastal Mississippi and a fuel production site in West Lafayette, Indiana that can produce tens of thousands of kilograms of ALITEC fuel per year. 

Our team at Adranos is comprised of industry experts and thought leaders from entities including Northrop Grumman, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Kratos, Blue Origin, and Purdue University.

Adranos team inspecting rocket before launch

Our Locations

Proudly producing solid rocket fuel in Indiana, designing systems in Alabama, and manufacturing motors in Mississippi

Adranos West Lafayette location

West Lafayette, Indiana

Corporate headquarters and fuel manufacturing facility in West Lafayette, Indiana, which is designed to produce thousands of kilograms of ALITEC fuel per year

1102 Endeavour Drive

Purdue Research Park

West Lafayette, Indiana 47906

Mississippi Solid Rocket Complex

Solid rocket motor R&D, testing, and manufacturing facility in coastal Mississippi; a 450-acre site that includes test infrastructure, production facilities, and storage buildings designed to handle energetic materials

488 E McHenry Rd

McHenry, Mississippi 39561

Adranos McHenry, Mississippi location
Adranos West Lafayette location

Huntsville, Alabama

Solid rocket motor engineering facility with design, ballistics, modeling and simulation, and customer support functions.

1525 Perimeter Pkwy, Suite 160 

Huntsville, AL 35806

Our World-Class Team

Indiana + Mississippi + Alabama + Washington D.C.

Indiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Washington D.C.

Chris Stoker

Co-founder & CEO

Brandon Terry

Co-founder & CTO

Stefan Coburn

Chief Business Development Officer

Royce Beal

Senior Scientist, Propellant

Piers Newbery

Director, Material Processes

Michael Grasso

Vice President, Space Systems & Government Relations

Will Copeland

Director Product Design & Development

Jessica Cote

Director, Supply Chain & Logistics

Alex Judson

Senior Ballistics Engineer

Matthew Crawley

Mechanical Engineer, Energetics

Court Terry

Senior Electrical Engineer

Arnold Baker

Propulsion Engineer

Kristen Ruesch

Manager, Logistics

John Hale

Mechanical Engineer, Equipment

Emilee Hunter

Chemical Engineer

Caleb Graham

Test Engineer

Stevie Sowles

Operations Service Support

Billy Hollinghead

Manager, Facilities

Tim Nguyen

Associate Chemist

Clayton Boyd


Benjamin Mace


Tyler Nguyen

 Operations & Supply Chain

Jacob Russell


Ransom Cornwall

Manufacturing Supervisor

Derek Morehouse

Senior Technician