After 60 years without innovation,

it's time for a change.


High-Performance, Clean Solid
Rocket FUEL 

Solid rocket fuel has not changed much since the 1960s. Despite past efforts, scientists and engineers have been unsuccessful in achieving meaningful improvements over historic methods. Our aim is to overcome this complacency and bring solid propulsion into the 21st century.

Introducing ALITEC, our proprietary solid rocket fuel that simultaneously increases rocket performance and eliminates the harmful hydrochloric acid (“HCl”) emissions of traditional, aluminum fuel propellants.


ALITEC will provide a competitive advantage for its military users by extending missile range and enabling smaller, more affordable missiles. It will also enhance capabilities of its space launch users by expanding payload capacity and lowering the cost of space access.

Our mission is to achieve widespread adoption of ALITEC to provide these benefits to our customers and enable the solid rocket fuel systems of tomorrow.




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Archibald Cox, Jr. is a board member of Adranos as well as various other companies and organizations. He has more than a half-century of financial, investment and operating experience. He served as the CEO of Morgan Stanley International, CS First Boston, and Magnequench. In 2008 he became chairman of Barclays Americas and a member of the Executive Committee of Barclays Capital, retiring in 2011. 


He received a Bachelor’s degree cum laude in economics from Harvard College and an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School.


Dr. Steven Son is a recognized expert in all aspects of energetic materials with approximately 300 peer-reviewed publications. Prior to his current tenure at Purdue University, Dr. Son Spent 14 years developing energetic materials at Los Alamos National Laboratory where was awarded an R&D 100 award.


Dr. Son earned a PhD at the University of Illinois and BS and MS degrees from Brigham Young University.


Mr. Heard has enjoyed a 50+ year career in the aerospace industry. Following five years with the Air Force, he managed six multi-billion dollar DoD programs for Boeing and was Boeing Aerospace’s senior executive in the DC office. Mr. Heard has served on numerous cabinet level panels and commissions and was selected as a 2016 recipient of the Life Time Achievement Award by the National Space Club.

A 1960 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Mr. Heard also holds advanced degrees from the University of Illinois and MIT.


P. Ron Ellis is the Co-Founder and previously spent 20 years as the President and CEO of Endocyte, Inc., a publicly traded biotech company. As CEO, Mr. Ellis raised hundreds of millions of investment dollars and grew the company from 2 to more than 100 employees. He was the recipient of Purdue's Krannert entrepreneur of the year award. 


Mr. Ellis earned MBA and BS degrees from Brigham Young University, graduating with honors.

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