After 60 years without innovation,

it's time for a change.


High-Performance, Clean Solid
Rocket FUEL 

Solid rocket fuel has not changed much since the 1960s. Despite past efforts, scientists and engineers have been unsuccessful in achieving meaningful improvements over historic methods. Our aim is to overcome this complacency and bring solid propulsion into the 21st century.

Introducing ALITEC, our proprietary solid rocket fuel that simultaneously increases rocket performance and eliminates the harmful hydrochloric acid (“HCl”) emissions of traditional, aluminum fuel propellants.


ALITEC will provide a competitive advantage for its military users by extending missile range and enabling smaller, more affordable missiles. It will also enhance capabilities of its space launch users by expanding payload capacity and lowering the cost of space access.

Our mission is to achieve widespread adoption of ALITEC to provide these benefits to our customers and enable the solid rocket fuel systems of tomorrow.



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